About Ciara

Hello! I am Ciara Cusseaux. Curious about that the last name? I am happy to give you a hand. It's pronounced Coo-So. After developing an appreciation for art in earlier years, I was inspired to receive formal training as a photographer. In 2006, I received my Bachelors Degree from Brooks Institute of Photography.  

Captivated by poetic imagery, my drive in photography is creating images that capture emotion, grace and beauty. Literary Artist, Honore de Balzac said it best, "Love is the poetry of the senses."  Sometimes poetry is more than words and photography creates a collection of visual poems to tell the story of your love.

My inspiration comes from somewhere very personal. I love capturing  joy, love, beauty, and creativity. Elements that make my imagination dance and daydreams abound. My personal experiences taught me that Love is Paradise® as I relished in quality moments with those dearest to me and I passionately wanted to make artful memories of that sentiment for others experiencing the same thing.

I understand the importance of what I do for my clients and my professional experience will allow them to have their memories preserved in the best way possible. With over 100 weddings photographed and the years of training and experience that I have received, I can offer professional guidance on how to capture your vision.  Let's keep things fun and interesting while creating timeless photographs with poetic and emotional elements. My aim is to avoid temporary trends that are here today but gone tomorrow and result in outdated images. Your experience with me will result in a balanced portfolio of your images reflecting your personality, your story and most importantly the love you share with those dear to you. 

Providing wedding photography while based out of  San Diego I also frequent Mexico with my clients and would love to discuss your goals for photography coverage for any location you can imagine. Shoot an email or give me a call at 858.255.0077.



Photo Credit: Leah Rachel

Photo Credit: Leah Rachel